Oct 012018

We are very excited to announce the first JambArt Box!

Jambo Books is about children’s literature. But we’re also about more than books. Jambo Books is about centering the experiences of children of color and underscoring how normal it is to be in the skin you’re in.  Children of color are not “the other” or the sidekick; they are the stars of their own unique stories.

To that end, Jambo Books has been working with visual artists who lift up children of color so that we can showcase some of that art on our boxes. We are crazy excited to unveil the first JambArt Box to our October subscribers. The cover of each box is a reproduction of a signed print by our featured artist. Once the boxes are shipped, we will post pictures of the JambArt Box on our website along with an interview with the artist. But until then, here’s sneak peek!!!

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