Apr 242019

We are proud to announce that Jambo will be expanding its book club to include fabulous middle grade novels for 10-13 years! We have some great novels on deck like Ghost by Jason Reynolds, Piecing Me Together by Renee Watson and Listen, Slowly by Thanhha Lai.

Because middle grade novels take on tough topics like neglect, death, divorce and violence, we wanted to be very intentional about how we rolled out this offering. We did not want a book just showing up on the doorstep without any context or assistance for caregivers to help kids to think through these mature topics. Along with the fiction novels, we will send a non-fiction companion book that goes into depth regarding a topic covered in the fiction novel. You will also receive:

  • a parental summary so that parents will be able to read a quick synopsis of the fiction book 
  • a discussion guide to help caregivers talk to their kids about the fiction book; and 
  • a resource guide so that readers can learn more about topics raised in the book.

Both books will still arrive in gorgeous JambArt boxes. 

JambArt boxes by Beatrice Ajayi and Robert Trujillo

The price for the a 10-13 year old box will be $19.99 a month, like the other boxes. Where possible, we will send the fiction books in hardcover. A mixed age subscription including the 10-13 year old book will be $19.99 a month, like our other subscriptions.

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