Oct 162020

We’re back with Shamika B. Packer, licensed counselor and our parental guide for getting through the virus crisis with our sanity intact. Today, Shamika has some advice for parents on balancing screen time. With kids in virtual school and unable to see so many of their friends and family in person, what can we do to provide some on and off-screen balance for our kids?

Shamika shares with us her pediatrician’s advice to turn off the screens 2 hours before bedtime to allow our kids’ brain to decompress before bedtime. Watching TV or playing video games keeps our brains active long after the screen is turned off and makes falling asleep difficult.

We love the general guidance to try to match time on-screen with time off-screen. She suggests we try a 50/50 balance. For every hour spent on-screen, encourage your kids spend an hour off -screen. Get them involved in creating a menu of options of off-screen activities. Below I’ve listed some fun books that will help give your kids some food for thought as they come up with their own list of off-screen activities. Click to buy the books (these are affiliate links).

Books With Ideas For Art Activities

The author of Priya Dreams of Marigolds & Masala created an activity teaching readers to make paper marigold garlands. You can find it here.

Books with Recipes and Ideas for Cooking

Books With Activities for Gardening

Books with Activities for Makers

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