Apr 162021
Like the Moon Loves the Sky

We have written about Like the Moon Loves the Sky by Hena Khan, illustrated by Saffa Khan before, but it is worth bringing up again during Ramadan because it is a gorgeously illustrated book with beautiful text that reads like a song. Each page begins with “Inshallah” (G-d willing) and a wish for the little girl who grows up through the duration of the book. Her mother wishes that her child “stand(s) strong like a tree with firm roots” and “you feel safe, as all children should.” I regularly sing/read this book to my girls and they tolerate my makeshift tune.

We are not Muslim, but the sentiments shared are universal. Like the Moon Loves the Sky is a beautiful book for parents of all backgrounds to share with their children. Children will learn something of Islam and also understand that parents all over the world want the same thing for their children – that they are “loved like the moon loves the sky”.

Like the Moon Loves the Sky is a hardcover book great for children of all ages. I especially love singing it to my 9 month old and five year old.

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