May 302018

Welcome to the world of Jambo Books!

As parents of two young girls, we try to read to them every day. We know that reading to children helps their development in many ways, and it is another way to build our relationship with with them. Plus, it’s a fun way to engage them at playtime or wind them down before bedtimes.

We live in the Atlanta area, one of the more diverse metropolitan areas in the country. Our neighborhood is multicultural. Our school is multicultural. Our entire community is multiethnic. However, the children’s book sections at our local bookstores are much less diverse. We found that we could find multicultural children’s books, but that doing so required a little scavenger hunt each time. Especially so if we were looking for books that normalized people of color, without focusing on their differences. We didn’t think it made sense that we needed to develop expertise in finding books that are representative of our community.

That’s why we started Jambo Books.

We started Jambo Books to be a done-for-you way to add multicultural representation to your child’s library. We aim to bring you stories that are full of the fun and wonder of a kid’s world, in books that star children of color. Our hope is that Jambo Books will make a worthy complement to every kid’s home library.

We’re just getting started, but watch this space for developments as we grow.