Jan 222019
CSK: Slay All Day

One of the many things I love about Coretta Scott King is that throughout the tumult of her life, she always came to slay. As a young woman and through her later years, her public image never reflected the chaotic times she lived in.



Here she is as a young newlywed; that hat and those pearls are classy and sassy.





At the Democratic National Convention, all that hot air could not knock one hair out of place.



I don’t know about you, but when I saw that hat I immediately realized what Marie Kondo meant by “spark joy” and I got up and burned everything in my closet. Obviously, I need to start over again and BE BETTER (thank you, Michelle Obama). Look at this vision of a woman warming up that winter white!


Teal and gold are the new EVERYTHING. How does she make an outfit that should be so 1970s look so fresh? I would wear that today. Hand me a camel coat and I’m done.





And lest you think her best fashion days were concentrated in her youth….Nope! This dress incorporates natural designs and the cut gives a little nod to traditional East Asian styles. Coretta looks like the queen she is. All hail!

Read about Coretta in her own words in her autobiography, CORETTA.


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