Sep 012020
How Do We Talk to Our Kids About Black Lives Matter?

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I am particularly interested in this one as the last time I tried to explain the movement to my 8 year old she became wholly enraptured by her reflection in a mirror and tuned me out completely.

Shamika B Packer, Licensed Counselor and owner of Just Heal Counseling

Shamika recommends:

  1. Be open and honest with your kids. Be honest about not having all the answers, but help them to know who they are and understand their history.
  2. Involve grandparents, aunts and uncles in conversations about our recent history so they can understand that we are all apart of a continuous thread.

The Youngest Marcher is a great way to introduce younger children to the Civil Rights Movement. It is the true story of how The Children’s March started and can help kids to identify with other kids who are now their grandparents’ age.

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