Aug 282020
How Do We Talk to Our Kids About the Pandemic?

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Shamika B. Packer, Licensed Counselor helps parents with advice on how to talk to your kids about the pandemic

In our second installment from Licensed Counselor Shamika Packer, she offers some advice on how we can talk to our kids about the pandemic.

Packer suggests:

  1. Limit kids’ exposure to social media and the news.
  2. Be open and honest. We don’t have all the answers and it’s okay for them to know that. Trust your gut in how you communicate with your children.
  3. Focus on the positive. Find interactive and creative ways to be with your kids. For instance, you can learn about the immune system together. Consider starting a gratitude journal to switch the focus from negative to positive things.


  1. Coloring page about coronavirus
  2. Why We Stay Home by Samantha Harris and Devon Scott. Harris and Scott are medical school students who have written a series of free downloadable books making health care accessible to children starring Millie and Suzie.
  3. Hello, My Name is Coronavirus by Manuela Molina
  4. Gratitude Journal

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