Nov 102020
Jambo Books receives National Association of Parenting Products Award!

From the National Parenting Product Awards website:

Jambo Books is a children’s book subscription company with a wonderful mission. Members receive 2-3 books each month that feature children of color as the stars of their own stories. Books arrive in gorgeous boxes that uplift children of color while celebrating the joy of childhood.

Evaluation comments:

“These books celebrate diversity 100%. Each book features a child from a different ethnic/cultural background and they are the star of the book/story. The books celebrate their differences and show off their uniqueness. They are well written, well-illustrated (depicting children from various backgrounds) and will be well-liked by children, parents and teachers.”

“These books are great for parents and for teachers for their classroom libraries.”

“I really like these books! They are so positive, so easy to read and I would definitely recommend these.”“The shipment arrives in a visually attractive box with tissue and the shipment is addressed to the child. I think every child would enjoy receiving a box of books that looks like a present through the mail with their name on it.”

Suggested Retail: $34.99

For Ages: Birth to 13 years

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