Nov 102020
Jambo Books receives the Caress/iFundWomen of Color  Covid-19 Grant

From the iFundWomen website:

IFundWomen of Color was created with our founding partner Caress to help diverse entrepreneurs bring their dreams into reality through raising capital via crowdfunding and providing grants, coaching, and the connections needed to launch and grow successful businesses.

Caress is saddened by the severe impact that COVID-19 is wreaking on communities and on small businesses and entrepreneurs. They recognize that in this critical time, small businesses are struggling immensely and the disadvantages that women of color entrepreneurs face are only growing.  As a founding partner of IFundWomen of Color, Caress is proud to be supporting 200 women of color owned small businesses with $500,000 in grants for COVID-19 relief.

Visit Jambo Books’s iFundWomen page by clicking on the picture below.

art by Meenal Patel,

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